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Meet the experts

At Manifesto, Piano and Pugpig, we spend many of our working (and waking) hours thinking about subscription businesses, each from our own unique perspective. So, after having worked together on many occasions, we thought it might be fun to get back together, pool our resources and experiences and create something that plays to our collective strengths. Here’s a little info about each of us. Please do get in touch if you’d like to know more.

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Manifesto Growth Architects

Manifesto was created to support a new generation of business leaders grow revenue beyond the constraints of their legacy businesses. For many of our global clients, our work focuses on building and maximising Direct to Consumer businesses models. 

Our approach quickly captures and combines data and insights across: audience, proposition, value and delivery. Building solutions that connect the dots across customer value, recurring revenues, organisational structure, and ongoing growth.

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Pugpig is the publishing platform that powers the world’s leading media brands.

We work with publishers to conceive, design, build and run lightning-fast websites, beautiful digital editions and highly engaging mobile apps. 

Whether you’re looking to launch quickly with our off the shelf products or to customise our products with a more bespoke user experience, team Pugpig are with you every step of the way.

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Piano is the leading provider of subscription commerce and customer experience technology and services to the world’s media and publishing companies.

Our goal is to help clients move along four critical and measurable performance curves:

Advertising & MarketingFirst-party data and consent

PersonalisationSegment-driven optimisation

SubscriptionAcquisition and retention

AnalyticsAdoption of customer-centric analytics