Product Development Insights for Associations

The fourth in our Winter Roundtable series will be focusing on ‘Product Development Insights for Associations’. This event will be hosted by Jonny Kaldor, co-Founder of Pugpig, and Jessica Morrison, Senior Product Manager of C&EN, American Chemical Society.

The roundtable will last for 90 minutes, during which time you’ll be able to do the following:
– Hear from Jessica on what it means for an organization to be product-centered
– Give your perspective, discuss key issues, share experiences with Jessica and other attendees
– Take away ideas and actions that you can implement in your own organization and/or association
– Make new connections!

Please note, the roundtables are invite only, but we will be recording a selection of them for you to watch back at a later time.

Time and Date:

Wednesday 24th March

11:00 EST (ending at 12:30)

Key topics:

1. How has / how would adopting a product mindset change your organization?

2. Getting started in associations: What is the minimal viable product team?

3. Building better products, not just more. How do you decide what to do, what to stop doing?

4. Learning from your members / audience to drive development.

5. What should we be learning from leading industry publishers / tech companies?


11:00 Welcome, set-up and introductions
11:10Quick preview of the 2020 State of Digital Publishing report by Jonny, focusing on product ideas on the horizon
11:20Jessica’s keynote
11:35Roundtable discussion
12:25Wrap up and close